DW-Collectors Maple Satin Oil
Black Ebony
20“x18“ Bass Drum
10“x8“ Rack Tom
12“x9“ Rack Tom
14“x12“ Rack Tom
& Hardware, 9000er Foot Pedal & Hi-Hat Maschine, 5002 Delta Accelerator Single & Double Pedals

Tama-Superstar Hyperdrive Maple
Vintage Blue Metallic
22“x20“ Bass Drum
10“x6,5“ Rack Tom
12“x7“ Rack Tom
14“x12“ Floor Tom
16"x14“ Floor Tom
14"x5,5“ Snare
& Hardware, Iron Cobra Foot Pedal& Hi-Hat Maschine 

Tama-Artstar Custom - Premium Maple - solid black (1994)
10“x10“ Rack Tom
12“x11“ Rack Tom
13“x12“ Rack Tom
14“x13“ Rack Tom
16“x16“ Floor Tom
18“x16“ Floor Tom
20“x14“ Gong Drum
22“x16“ Bass Drum (x2)

Master Custom Maple/Masters Studio Birch
Sheer Blue
Bass Drums:
20“x16“ BRX
22“x16“ BRX
22“x16“ BRX
22“x18“ MMX
24“x16“ MMX
24“x16“ MMX

Rack Toms:
8“x8“ MMX
10“x8“ MMX
13“x11“ MMX
10“x10“ BRX
12“x10“ BRX
12“x 9“ BRX
14“x12“ BRX

12“x10“ MMX
10“x10“ MMX
14“x12“ MMX
16“x14“ MMX

Floor Toms (on legs):
16“x16“ MMX
16“x16“ MMX
18“x16“ MMX

14“x5,5“ BRX, Steel Hoops, 151823
14“x5,5“ BRX, Die Cast Hoops
14“x6,5“ BRX, Steel Hoops

& Pearl Hardware Foot Pedal „Eliminator“ Double+Single & Hi-Hat Maschine 

Pearl - Masters Maple Complete - 6ply -
inferno red
Rack Tom: 13“x9“
Floor Tom: 16“x14“
Bass Drum: 24“x14“

Pearl BLX Master Studio Birch
10“x10“ Rack Tom
12“x10“ Rack Tom
13“x12“ Rack Tom
16“x16“ Floor Tom (x2)
22“x16“ Bass Drum (x2)


16“x16“ FT
18“x16“ FT
22“x16“ BD
inkl. Yamaha Hardware

16“x16“ FT
20“x16“ BD

24“x16“ Bass Drum
22"x16" Bass Drum
10“x9" Rack Tom
12“x10“ Rack Tom
14“x10“ Rack Tom
16“x16“ Floor Tom
18“x16“ Floor Tom

22“x16“ Bass Drum
10“x9 Rack Tom
12“x10“ Rack Tom
16“x16“ Floor Tom

22“x15“ Bass Drum
13“x9“ Rack Tom
16“x14“ Floor Tom
18“x14“ Floor Tom

22" x 18" Bass Drum 
10"x 8" Tom Tom
12"x  8" Tom Tom
14" x 14" Floor Tom
16" x 14" Floor Tom


12”x6,5" Rack Tom
14”x8,5" Rack Tom
18"×20" Bass Drum


22“x14“Bass Drum mit Center Tom Holder
12“x 8“ Tom Tom
13" x 9" Tom Tom
16" x 16" Stand Tom

22" x 14" Bass Drum (ungebohrt)
13" x 11" Tom Tom
14" x 13" Tom Tom
16" x 16" Stand Tom

20“x18“ Bass Drum
10“x10“ Rack Tom
12“x12“ Rack Tom
14“x14“ Rack Tom

Remo Roto-Tom Set
6“, 8“, 10“, 12“, 14“



Gretsch 14"x6,5" Hammered Antique Copper G-4000 G-4164-HC Kupfer

Gretsch 14"x5" Hammered Antique Copper G4160HC Kupfer

Gretsch 14"x6,5" Gold Series Seamless Aluminium Snare (S1-6514) Aluminium

Gretsch 12"x6“ Mark Schulman Signature S1-0612-MS Ahorn

Gretsch 13"x6" Mark Schulman Signature S1-0613-MS Ahorn

Gretsch 14"x4,5" Stanton Moore Signature Snare Drum SM-45148DS Vogelaugenahorn

Gretsch 14"x6.5" Steve Ferrone Signature Snare Drum S-6514 A-SF Aluminium

Gretsch Blackhawk Mighty Mini 10“ x 5,5“ Snare Drum 

Tama 14“x5,5“ Imperialstar King Beat Steel (1983)

Tama 14“x6,5“ Imperialstar King Beat Steel (1983)

Tama 14“x5“ Royalstar Steel (70er, Kessel nahtlos gezogen wie King Beat)

Tama 12“x5“ Black Nickel Steel Piccolo Steel

Tama 14“x6,5“ Artstar II SE Brass

Tama 14“x6.5“ Starclassic „Silver Sparkle“ Birch Shell

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Dennis Chambers Signature

Pearl 13“x5“ Omar Hakim Signature Mahagony (6-ply)

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Super Gripper Brass Shell

Pearl 14“x4“ John Robinson Signature

Pearl 14“x5“ Chad Smith Signature, Black Nickel Finish, Stahlkessel

Pearl 14“x5“ Chad Smith Signature, Candy Apple Red Finish, Stahlkessel

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Steve Ferrone, Signature,
Black Nickel over Brass beaded shell

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Tico Torres, Signature, Aluminium Shell (TR1465)

Pearl 14“x5,5“ Sensitone Custom Brass Shell

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Sensitone Custom Alloy Steel

Pearl 10“x4“ Maple Shell Sopranino Snare Drum (amber)

Pearl 10“x6“ Maple Shell „Popcorn“ Snare Drum (natural)

Pearl 10“x5“ Pearl Fire Cracker Poplar Snare (#408 Pewter Glass)

Pearl 12“x7“ Maple Shell Sopranino Snare Drum (amber)

Pearl 13“x3“ Steel Shell Piccolo Snare Drum, black matte

Pearl 13“x3“ Brass Shell Piccolo Snare Drum

Pearl 13“x3“ Maple Shell Piccolo Snare Drum, amber, 6-ply aged maple shell

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Brass Shell vergoldet w/die cast hoops

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Session Studio Classic SSC1465 in beige

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Masters Maple Complete, Bombay Gold Sparkle

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Free Floating BLX Maple, Sheer Blue

Pearl 14“x5,5“ BRX, Sheer Blue Steel Hoops

Pearl 14“x5,5“ BRX, Sheer Blue Die Cast Hoops

Pearl 14“x6,5“ BRX, Sheer Blue Steel Hoops

Pearl 14“x5“ Custom Classic One-Piece Maple Snare
Made in Japan in smoky white

Pearl 14“x5“ UltraCast (3mm Aluminium Shell, UCA 1450/B)

Pearl 14“x5,5“ Free Floating Steel Snare Drum

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Free Floating Steel Snare Drum

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Free Floating Copper Snare Drum

Pearl 14“x8“ Free Floating MLX Maple Snare Drum, solid black

Pearl 14“x6,5“ Free Floating Brass shell

Yamaha 14“x5,5“ Seamless Brass Snare w/die cast hoops

Yamaha 14“x6,5“ Seamless Brass Snare w/die cast hoops

Yamaha 14“x6,5“ Steel Snare from 1979

Yamaha Recording Custom 14"x7" Stainless Steel

Yamaha 12“x4“ Peter Erskine Soprano Snare in vintage maple

Yamaha 14“x6,5“ Steel Snare (2016)

Yamaha 14“x5,5“ Seamless Copper Snare Drum

Yamaha 14“x5,5“ Manu Katché Signature Snare Drum Nickel over Brass

Yamaha 14“x6“ Billy Cobham Signature Maple Snare in Solid Black w/Wood Hoops

Yamaha 14“x8“ Gomezz Signature Series Eiche/Oak

Yamaha 14"x5,5" Maple Custom "Black Mist"

Ludwig 14“x6,5“ Black Beauty

Ludwig 14“x6,5“ Super Sensitive (70er/80er) 2x

Ludwig 14“x5“ Supra Phonic (70er) Chrome over Brass

Ludwig 14“x5“ Acrolite (1962) Aluminium

Ludwig 14"x5" Acrolite (1970) Aluminium

Ludwig 14“x5“ Universal (1920) Metal

Ludwig 14“x5“ Jazz Festival „Black“(1966) Maple

Ludwig 14“x6,5“ Corey Miller Signature, white powder-coated

14“x6,5 Mike Marsh Signature Cast Steel Snare Drum with die cast hoops

DW 14“x5“ Edge Snare Drum Collectors Series „Black Ice“

PDP 12“x5,5“ Chad Smith Acryl Signature Snare

Handmade Custom Drums 14“x8“ „Gomezz“ Signature Model Birkenholz (Fassbauweise)

Mapex 14“x5,5“ Black Panther Black Steel Snare Drum (3mm solid steel seamless shell)

Mapex 14“x5,5“ Black Panther "Precious Metals" Phospor Bronze (1,2mm)

Mapex 14“x6“ Black Panther Matt Halpern „Wraith Snare“ Signature Snare Drum, Brass

Noble & Cooley 14“x6“ Alloy Classic Snare Drum

Pork Pie 14“x6,5“ Acryl „Clear Piglite”

Remo 14“x5,5“ Gold Crown Series Jeff Hammilton Signature
Advanced Acousticon
(metal inner and outer layer to their Advanced Acousticon material)

Remo 14“x3“ Piccolo Snare Drum made out of accousticon

Sakae 14“x5“ Maple Burl Snare Drum

Sonor 14“x6,5“ Genuine Rosewood Phonic D516 Pa (1982)

Sonor 14“x6,5“ Force 3000 (black) Birch Shell (1990)  

Rogers 14“x5“ Dyna-Sonic Chrome Over brass Snare Drum Messing          



2002 Serie: (red label)
10“ Splash
12“ Splash
14“ Sound Edge Hi-Hat
15“ Medium Hats (black label, vintage)
16“ Power Crash
17“ Wild Crash
18“ Power Crash
17“ Power Crash
20“ Crash
20“ Wild Crash
22“ Power Ride
22“ „Big Beat“ Ride (black label)
16“ China

Masters Series:
15“ Dark Hi-Hat
16“ Dark Crash
18“ Dark Crash
20“ Dark Crash
20“ Medium Ride
20“ Masters „Dark Dry Ride
22“ Dark Crash Ride

Formular 602 Modern Essentials Series:
14“ Hi-Hat
18“ China

Signature Series:
14“ Signature „Dark Crisp“ Hi-Hat

Twenty Series:
14“ Twenty Custom „Metal“ Hats

A-Custom Series:

6“ A-Custom Splash
8“ A-Custom Splash
10“ A-Custom Splash
16“ A-Custom Crash
17“ A-Custom Crash

13“ Z/K- Combi Hi-Hat
13“ K-Medium Hi-Hats (Ende 60er/Anfang 70er)
14“ Mini China
14“ K-Thin Crash
16“ K-Thin Crash
17“ K-Dark Crash Thin

K-Custom Series:
10“ Dark Splash
14“ K-Custom Fast Crash
15“ K-Custom Fast Crash
20“ Custom Ride
20“ Custom Dry Ride

A-Armand Series:
14“ Hi-Hat
18“ Medium Thin Crash
18“ Thin Crash
21“ Ride

10“ Splash
12“ Special Recording Hi-Hat
14“ New Beat Hi-Hats
14“ Quick-Beat Hi-Hats
14“ Mastersound
20“ Medium Ride (Ende 60er/Anfang 70er) x 2

Byzance Series:

14” Sand Hi-Hat
15" Hi-Hat Polyphonic Traditional
18” Medium Crash
20" Crash Polyphonic
20" Medium Crash Traditional
20" Thin Crash Extra Thin Crash
21” Medium Ride

Pure Alloy Series:
16” Medium Crash

Raker Series:
14“ Heavy Hi-Hat
6“ Splash
8“ Splash

Hand Hammered (HH) Series:

10“ Splash
14“ Regular Hats
16“ Thin Crash
16“ Dark Crash
17“ Medium Crash (x2)
18“ Medium Thin Crash
18“ Medium Crash
20“ Medium Ride
21“ Raw Bell Dry Ride

Istanbul Mehmet:
Samatya Series:

Hi-Hat 14" (35,56 cm)
Crash 16" (40,64 cm)
Crash 18" (45,72 cm)
Ride 20" (50,80 cm) 

Pearl P2001 Single Foot Pedal mit Bodenplatte & double chain

Pearl Eliminator Single Pedal mit Bodenplatte & double chain (x2)

Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal mit Bodenplatte & double chain

Dualist Single Footpedal double chain

Camco Single Footpedal single chain

Yamaha FP9 Double Chain Single Pedal

Yamaha Vintage Double Pedal w/Double Chain Pedal

Tama Iron Cobra 900 Single Footpedal Double Chain (x2)

Tama Iron Cobra 200 Single Footpedal Double Chain (x2)

Tama Iron Cobra 900 Double Pedal strip

DW 9000 Single Pedal, double chain (x2)

DW 9000 Double Pedal, double chain

DW 5000 Single Pedal, double chain (x2)

DW 5000 Double Pedal, double chain

DW 5000 Single Pedal, single chain (x2)

DW 5000 Single Pedal, strip



LP Latin Percussion Cajon Macassar Ebony LP1491ME



Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad
Roland SPD-SX SE (red) Sampling Pad
Roland BT-1 Trigger Pad
Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

Ddrum - Clavia:
ddrum4 SE Drum Module
(Software Firmware 1,54 Eprom Chip update)
ddrum AT Drum Module
ddrum Bass Drum, Snare & Tom Trigger

DM5 Drum Modul
Sample Pad 4



Fender USA Stratocaster Sunburst (2011)

Gibson Les Paul Gold Top (2005)

PRS SE Standard 24 Translucent Blue

Yamaha APX-3 (Accoustic)

Fender American Performer Precision Bass RW AW (USA)
Fender Player Precision Bass MN 3TS sunburst (Mexico)

- Amps
Marshall JCM 900 - 50 Watts
Marshall JCM 900 - 100 Watts
Engl Savage 120 Mark II E610II

- Cabinets
Marshall 4x12” 1960 A
Marshall 4x12” 1960 B

Fender `68 Twin Reverb silver face
Fender Twin Reverb 2005 black face 
Fender - Quad Reverb - Combo Gitarren Verstärker 4x12 - USA - 1973
Marshall 800 Valvestate
AER Compact 60 IV BK

Profiling Amps:
Kemper Profiling Amplifier PowerRack
Kemper Profiler Remote
Kemper Profiler Stage

Ampeg SVT 3 Pro
Ampeg SVT Classic
Ampeg SVT II
Ampeg SVT 810E
Ampeg 1x15" Cabinet
Ampeg 4x10" Cabinet

Vox AC-50 2-Channel 50-Watt Guitar Amp Head
Vox Bass Foundation Box 1x18“ Speaker Cabinet 

SWR Workingman's 4004 Bass Amp

Warwick Bass Cabinet



Korg Kronos 2, 88 Keys Synthesizer Workstation

Roland RD-2000, 88 Keys

Nord Stage 3, 88 Keys

Korg Triton Le Synthesizer Music Workstation 61 Keys





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